Feedback from Customers we met at the spring home show in Hartford.

We just finished hosting a booth at the Hartford Home Show at the XL Center. It was a great opportunity to speak directly with dozens of homeowners. I really enjoy sharing information about our program with homeowners but what I find really interesting is listening to homeowners talk about what is important to them.

Of course, they do not want to get “bit”, but it’s more interesting than that. Here are five very interesting comments:

  1. I WIN! But I don’t like the prize. So many customers shared with me that their resident “skeeters” seem to be selective. “My husband, they ignore. Me? They think I am the main course!” Actually, it is not your imagination. Mosquitos have a very keen sense of smell. In addition to carbon dioxide, they are attracted to a variety of scents. From concentration of cholesterol to blood type, uric acid and body temperature, skin bacteria and maybe even “Beer”. One study found that just a single 12 oz. beer could make you the “happy hour” spot for Mosquitos.
  2. My new patio. After spending hard earned dollars investing in a new deck, porch, or outdoor furniture the families I spoke with were bound and determined not to be sent back in the house by mosquitos.
  3. Swimming pools! Many homeowners have pools and on a nice warm, humid evening, they would like to be outside enjoying a swim or relaxing by the deck. Do you know who else likes warm humid evenings? You guessed it. The mighty mosquito!
  4. Winter Blues… After coming out of hibernation and being stuck inside from cold short days, the homeowners I spoke with did not want to be chased back in the house by annoying mosquitos.
  5. ZIKA (and other diseases). This year there are many homeowners that are very concerned about mosquito transmitted diseases. Many are aware of West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, and others but this year much of the talk was about Zika and the concern about how much of an impact it will have during peak mosquito season. We hope our company can provide a level of protection.

Enjoy the great weather and we hope to have an opportunity to assist you this season. We are offering some terrific incentives to help you “Take Back Your Yard!” We invite you to give us a call at 855-99-NINJA (64652).