Our Guaranteed Mosquito Control Service


Barrier Sprays

This is meant for long term pest-protection. Our pest-fighting experts will service your property every 2-3 weeks. We will spray the perimeter of your home with one of our solutions that is proven to quickly kill or repel mosquitoes and many other biting insects. This will keep you protected during breeding season so you can enjoy your yard without bug spray or citronella candles. We recommend opting for our full season plan. The sooner you start and the later in the season you treat, the more effective it is.  The goal is to eliminate the active pests and consistently minimize the mosquito breeding population.

Special Event Spraying

Nothing ruins an outdoor party like swarms of pesky, annoying mosquitoes biting your guests. Outdoor weddings, birthdays, graduations and family get-togethers can enjoy a bug free day.