Our Guarantee

Easy to Start, Easy to Cancel, Easy to be Mosquito-Free


If you are willing to give us a try, you should
feel GREAT about your decision.

The best way we can help you feel great about your choice is to offer a peace of mind guarantee. If you are a season program client (4+ treatments) using our synthetic products and you are still bothered by mosquitos after our treatment we will move up your next scheduled spray or do a complimentary spray. We do not require an agreement, and our contract is a handshake. If you are happy, you simply continue with our service. If not, you may cancel at any time. We are confident that you will enjoy working with Mosquito Ninjas and you will love our service. Once you have tried living mosquito free, you will be thrilled that you allowed us to help.

“Take back your yard!”


No Contract


Cancel At Any Time


Re-Treat Free
If Not Satisfied