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Ninja professional treating clients yard.


Our mosquito-fighting experts...

“will treat the perimeter of your yard with your choice of our all-natural or synthetic solution proven to kill and repel mosquitoes and control other biting insects…FAST!”


We’ll keep you, your family and your pets protected from biting insects during our precious warm weather season, so you can “take back your yard!”

Welcome to bite-free living!

My name is Allan Shiller and I am the president and founder of Mosquito Ninjas. I love being outside during our warm weather days and evenings, but hate when the mosquito dinner bell rings and I am the main course. I refuse to let those biting, nagging pests decide when it is time for me to go inside.

This is why I founded Mosquito Ninjas – to provide our customers with bite-free living so you can relax outside without an “insect curfew.” Our effective pest control solutions will help you, your friends, family and pets stay outside as long as you like!


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4.9 out of 5 stars

Michelle DeGrosky
Michelle DeGrosky

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I am a new customer in Middletown AND I COULDN'T BE MORE THRILLED - both with the product/results and the service of Mosquito Ninjas!!!! My property, with no standing water but with a ton of flower beds that I water daily, was hell on earth. I had to spray head-to-toe with bug spray in order to even spend any time outside. Enjoying my own property was not so enjoyable. I would even get bit in the 90 seconds it takes to drag the garbage can to the curb. But with even the very first application (synthetic) by Mosquito Ninjas, I can live in my outdoor space like never before. I can actually have a conversation on my driveway with neighbors without having to cut it short to go inside and away from the skeeters. I have even purchased a new outdoor furniture set with a lighted umbrella, knowing I am now able to enjoy late evenings outside. I have brightened up an outdoor seating area under my pine tree and have enjoyed many a morning so far sipping a cup of coffee there without getting a single bite. And the service is wonderful, too. I receive reminders when they are coming to treat the property, and if that has to change due to weather, I am given notification. They always leave a sign on the corner of the property indicating treatment has been applied, and they leave a note taped to the door (including a piece of candy!) that they were there. Perfect. My only complaint is with myself for waiting so long to use a service. SO BLISSFULLY HAPPY I SELECTED THE RIGHT SERVICE. YAYYYY MOSQUITO NINJAS!!!

Lisbeth Becker
Lisbeth Becker

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

Finally, I can enjoy my yard! The last couple of winters were awful. The only time I spent outside was to shovel snow off of everything from the driveway to the roof and then it was back inside. When summer finally came, there was no way I was going to let mosquitoes drive me back in the house. I decided to give Mosquito Ninjas a try. Bottom line, it works. Also, I really appreciated how nice and professional they were. Just an fyi, if you think anyone can eliminate “every” mosquito, you will be disappointed and “no one" can do that. I really appreciated the fact that they told me that up front. They do, however, get rid of most of them so you can easily stay outside. It is an amazing difference.

Thanks Lisbeth

Kathryn Harris
Kathryn Harris

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

When Allen asked me to try his new mosquito service, I was happy to help him out. He came out promptly and treated my property. We were mosquito free for the rest of the summer! I like using local services rather than large franchises. I would definitely recommend the Mosquito Ninja service to my friends and neighbors and will use them again next year.