Mosquito Ninjas Professional Mosquito Control in CT


Ninja professional treating clients yard.


Our mosquito-fighting experts...

“will treat the perimeter of your yard with your choice of our all-natural or synthetic solution proven to kill and repel mosquitoes and control other biting insects…FAST!”


We’ll keep you, your family and your pets protected from biting insects during our precious warm weather season, so you can “take back your yard!”

Welcome to bite-free living!

My name is Allan Shiller and I am the president and founder of Mosquito Ninjas. I love being outside during our warm weather days and evenings, but hate when the mosquito dinner bell rings and I am the main course. I refuse to let those biting, nagging pests decide when it is time for me to go inside.

This is why I founded Mosquito Ninjas – to provide our customers with bite-free living so you can relax outside without an “insect curfew.” Our effective pest control solutions will help you, your friends, family and pets stay outside as long as you like!


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