Zika Fever

A very common topic that comes up when we speak with a prospective client is the Zika virus. The media has given this topic a tremendous amount of attention and considering we are just entering mosquito season many are concerned. So, here is some useful information about the Zika virus.

  1. Zika is primarily transmitted by a the Aedis mosquito. Mainly the Aedis aegypti.
  2. Zika is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito however sexual transmission is another method and possibly other means such as transfusions are being investigated.
  3. In most cases, there are no symptoms.
  4. If there are symptoms they are typically mild and can include a fever, rash, muscle and joint pain, headache. Flu like symptoms is the best way to describe it.
  5. The major concern revolves around potential birth defects.
  6. Prevention of mosquito bites is the best form of protection.
  7. Last update April 20, 2016 the CDC has confirmed more than 700 cases in the US.   The largest numbers were in Florida, New York, Texas, and California.

There is plenty of information on the web about Zika. I hope our short overview was helpful.